Exhibition runs from March 7th until May 5th (for late changes to opening times see index page)

Philip Maltman

‘Yarty series’

Philip Maltman's work is about mark-making, whether accidental or deliberate. He has been working now for more than 40 years, and counts Don Van Vliet, Alan Davie, Joseph Beuys, Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg as early influences. He uses a wide variety of sources as his starting point, but the pictures chosen for this show were based on landscape elements, in particular the Yarty valley in Devon.
Those elements just barely remain in the paintings. The commonplace features are instead transformed into a vibrant swirl of paint: the marks are almost alive or at least imbued with a separate existence of their own.
"Drawing comes first," he says. "But photography is often the most immediate form of mark-making, in trapping the ephemeral for subsequent exploration. I make work which is about objects or marks on surfaces; my main area of interest is in the aftermath of human intervention in nature."

All photographs are the copyright of Martin Urmson


1. The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter, esp. that of base metals into gold.

2. A process by which paradoxical results are achieved or incompatible elements are combined with no obvious rational explanation.

Conceived to run alongside the concurrent show 'Lot's Wife' at Salisbury Arts Centre, 'Alchemy' explores similar themes of transformation. Working with commonplace or discarded source material, our featured artists find transformative solutions in installation, painting and drawing, and sculpture. For details of the Salisbury Arts Centre show, follow this link: www.salisburyartscentre.co.uk